terrain of desire

A story created by Oumayma & Aicha.

For our winter collection we are proud to have teamed up with creative duo Oumayma Elboumeshouli & Aicha Abdoun. Storytellers by heart, they picked out their favorite items and created a strong visual story named ‘Terrain of Desire’.

“We captured this series at a place that is very dear to the both of us. It also served as the main inspiration source for this story. The North African heritage is in our blood. It is where our roots are entwined together in the ground.”

“To embrace the dynamics and textures of the collection, we have blend Oumayma within the landscape and scenery of the different locations. The sun, directly overhead at the equator, provided an unprecedented warmth in its light which was perfect for this shoot during the early morning and late- afternoon.”


Long sleeve marble mesh kelp


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