Dutch photographer and creative Naomi Venetiaan has been behind the camera for over 10 years already and she currently runs N/J Space in Amsterdam. Two incredibly esthetically pleasing photo studios in Amsterdam. We meet her at the venue for a little chat - always an oasis of serenity, bathing in natural sunlight. We asked her all about her inspirations and life as a mom and business owner.

Photography by Milou Tjioe.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
Hey sweet woman of CJ, thanks for this interview! I am Naomi. I have been a photographer for over 10 years. I am specialized in the different mediums of photography and video. My interest in nature, design and architecture has led to an ongoing visual journey. Next to my work as a photographer I own 2 rental studios in de East of Amsterdam. A beautiful place next to the canal. And last but definitely not least; I am the mother of Wolf (3,5 years old) and live together with my boyfriend Lex in Amsterdam.

How did you start with photography?
It started as a young girl. I liked everything that had to do with the creating; drawing, working with clay, making clothing, interior design, making funny video’s and shooting with a disposable camera. When I started at the University of Arts it all fell in place: I wanted to capture what my mind wandered to.

How do you stay inspired and creative?
Taking a walk in the forest, a long shower, and taking time to be in the now and observe the people around me. That arranges my thoughts and the ideas will pop. Taking time off and really planning time by being by myself and hear my own thoughts gets me recharged. I need nature for that.

Why and how did you start N/J Space?
I shared the spaces with other creatives and they were leaving. I could do two things; make it a co- working space again or make my own studio which I dreamt of for years. And as you know I did the last thing. It was really hard work in the beginning to get clients to know us. I even thought of giving up at some point. But glad I did not. It is my happy place!

What do you love most about running N/J Space?
Meeting other creatives and so many others nice people and talking about our work field. As a photographer you’re usually the only one who fills that roll on set. Seeing other photographers and creatives support them gives me so much energy. And my love for interior can flourish.

How could you describe life as a mom and running your own business?
It is a time balancing thing for me. I'm very absorbed in my phases of life. A new side arose of me when I became a mother. I was more in the moment of motherhood which I loved, than looking at the world around me. My wandering photography eye was tired and unfocused. I need to balance that from time to time. Sometimes I bring my son to work, which he loves. My two favorite worlds melting together.

We know you are a true travel lover; what travels are dearest to you and which are still on your bucket list?
Some rough nature areas, where I will feel so humble. Canada is on my bucket list!

When you’re not working, what do you love to do? (What gives you joy?)
Playing loud music and dance in the house. Strolling on a Saturday with absolutely nothing planned.

"I feel most confident when ....
I have slept well, feel vital and connect with awesome people.

"Song on repeat right now ...
"I am such a sucker for all these tik tok songs. My oh my they are catchy! But I absolutely love Fever by Balthazar now. I thousand times on repeat.

“Words you live by”
Stop and smell the roses

Hopes, drams and goals for this year or the years to come?
I hope we are able to live in a more carefree world where covid is less of a leading role in our lives. I am dreaming of new work to shoot which are already so vivid in my mind! And I hope I can welcome more awesome people in the studio! See you soon! X

Naomi is wearing:
Vest Bo
Dress Aviva
Pants Camelia


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