Read all about Yara Michels' favorite spots & things to do in the city.

Your go-to coffee place or restaurant
Amsterdam has developed such a cool coffee culture in the last few years! These are a few that have delicious drinks and are easy on the eyes too. I always get inspired by unique branding and interior!

@yusu.coffee : Insta worthy and calming
@toki.times : Good snacks, good vibes, and terrazzo decoration. You got me.
@aobar.nl : around the corner from where I live with the most adorable team
@uncommonams : their coconut cloud is my #1
Fuku: an award-winning brewer

Favorite city hangout
In Summer time I love to go swimming with friends, and just hang out outside all day to recharge in summer. For example at Het Stenen Hoofd or Het Marineterrein. Go for a fun & slightly fancier dinner at Scheepskameel afterwards.

Words you live by today
My mottos switch from time to time, but I like to remind myself that worrying about the future doesn't get you anywhere. I read something that said: "anxiety is really just conspiracy theories about yourself." and as someone who worries a lot, I could relate. 90% of the bad stuff we make up never happens. And if it does, why would you want to make yourself suffer twice?

Which song do you have on repeat right now?
Alaska by Maggie Rogers.


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